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We will match the final price of any competitor. Just let us know what it is an we'll take a look.

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Medical Marijuana Card Evaluations


Our medical marijuana evaluations can be completed in-clinic or online for residents of Colorado. Our team will make sure that you get same day approval and assist with registration with the state of Colorado. 

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Veterans and Seniors (60+) Evaluations


We offer discounted prices to honor our veterans and seniors. So many veterans and seniors are finding medical marijuana to be the perfect solution to their conditions from chronic pain, arthritis, PTSD, and many more. We want to make medical marijuana as affordable as possible for this community!

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Possession and Sales Exemptions

No extra charge

Medical Records Required

Medical Marijuana works differently for everyone. From the amount needed to the preference of administration, each patient will find their most optimal solution. In the case that you feel you may require higher doses, we offer possession and sales exemptions.

Please note that you must be evaluated by one of our doctors to get an exemption through us.

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